Aims & Objectives

In the past, the energy generated by windmills was immediately converted into mechanical labor. Then it was used to pump up water or to grind grain. This is not the case today as the next generation of windmills, so-called ‘wind turbines’ that generate electricity goes directly to the electricity grid and is distributed to consumers.

The same in the operation of Metro Power Company Limited (MPCL). The 20 turbines each of 2.5MW catch the wind at both low and high wind season and produce approximately 50 Megawatt of green electricity.

The benefit of green energy is primarily for the environment, because wind turbines don't burn fossil fuels and therefore don't emit any CO2. In this way MPCL is playing its vital role in boosting sustainable energy production and preserving the environment.

Aims & Objectives

Company promises to be a socially and environmentally responsible corporation, dedicated to expanding the wind energy industry while operating with the most environmentally friendly, safest, and lowest carbon emitting methods. Company will operate in business with the best interests of the society and the environment in mind, in order to foster a society that is capable of sustainable development.

Company aims to provide the resources available to the local community and improve the quality of life by providing education, health facilities, jobs and basic needs.