Mission and Vision

Our Mission

Metro Power Company Ltd. is committed to play a leading role in wind power generation and supplying electricity to Pakistan grid in a safe, reliable, efficient and environmentally sound manner. We are also exploring new goals and taking initiatives for developing profitable business ventures.

Our Vision

To be recognized as the performance leader in the alternative energy sector in 21st Century in Pakistan in collaboration with our leading partners. Achieving operational excellence, an optimum level of customer satisfaction and superior power generation & supply performance in the country

Metro Group

Metro Group is one of the most energetic and diverse business group of Pakistan. The Group started its operations in the energy sector in 2016 as a licensee to generate wind power energy in Pakistan and became a pioneer in the market. Metro Group is not only the leading player in the wind energy sector but has also diversified over the period as Metro Securities (Pvt.) Ltd, Metro Solar Power Limited, Metro Wind Power Limited and Metro Estates (Pvt.) Ltd.

The Energy Division

Metro Group is committed to play its part in the development of Pakistan’s various sectors. Realizing the role of clean energy in development of the nation, we started into the power generation sector by developing a 50 MW Wind Power project in Jhampir, Sindh. Metro Power Limited Company (MPCL) successfully commenced operations in September 2016. Moreover, Metro Wind Power Limited (MWPL) is the second project in the wind power sector, which is expected to achieve financial close soon. Furthermore, Metro Solar Power Limited (MSPL) is also in process and shall be announced shortly. In addition to these, various other projects are also in the pipeline.