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Metro Power Project Status

Keeping in view the tremendous potential presented by the Gharo – Keti Bandar wind corridor, the group decided to undertake development of two 50MW Wind power projects, Gul Ahmed Wind Power Limited and Metro Power Company Limited.
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Letter of Intent for development of both the projects has already been issued by AEDB in favor of the respective project companies along with provisional allocation of land for carrying out wind assessment studies which have been completed. Sponsors plan to develop the projects on a phase wise basis, with the development of the first being closely followed by the second. For the first phase, the sponsors plan to expedite development of Metro Power Company Limited 50 MW wind power project. The wind farm site provisionally allocated to the project by AEDB is located at Jhimpir and spans an area of 1553 acres. The project site is located in the south of Pakistan between Karachi and Hyderabad, approximately 100 km inland from the coast in a semi dessert area. The site is adjacent to the national highway, which provides clear access to the Project Site.

Ongoing Work

Feasibility study, negotiating implementation agreement and energy purchase agreement, Execute Term Sheet with project lenders and execute EPC and O & M agreements.

Feasibility Studies

Environmental Impact Assessment, design of Wind Farm Project, Electrical Grid Study, Technical Study, Transportation Study, Topographical Study and Wind Resource Assessment. Pakistan is an energy starved country with a shortfall of 6000 MW. It has a considerable potential of wind energy in the coastal belt of Sindh, Balochistan and as well as in the desert areas of the Punjab and Sindh so far. This renewable source of energy has however, been fully utilized. The Wind Data of Pakistan has been collected from Pakistan Metrological Department and analyzed by AEDB. As per the collected data, coastal belt of Pakistan is naturally gifted with a wind corridor of 60 km wide on Gharo to Kati Bandar and 180 km long up to Hyderabad. This corridor has an exploitable potential of 30,000 MW of electricity generation. AEDB has made a wind resource study to set the benchmark wind speed values at different levels from Gharo and Jhampir regions at present.

“Metro power is moving into the second phase with its second wind farm development. It has obtained LOI, approved feasibility for 60 MW wind farm in Jhimpir area. It is going to file for its tariff in the coming months in the renewable industry”