Who we look for

High productivity and the capacity for multitasking are valued. We want applicants with good analytical, critical thinking, and decision-making abilities who can assess business operations from a high-level perspective. Metro Power Group employs experts in a range of disciplines, including Accounts & Finance, Administration, Business Development, Electrical & Mechanical Engineering, Human Resources, IT, Legal and QHSE.


At Metro Power Group, we foster a team-based culture where employees from diverse backgrounds collaborate to form project teams and undertake various initiatives together. We strongly encourage our employees to propose process improvements within their areas of expertise. Our priority is to empower our employees to become knowledgeable, perceptive, and efficient leaders who can offer cutting-edge ideas while preserving a comprehensive perspective of the Energy sector.


Teamwork. Ownership. Respect. Creativity. Honesty & Integrity. Excellence.
Our TORCHE serves as the beacon of light that illuminates our journey towards transformation.


Our Head Office serves as the central location for strategy and decision making for the Group. Our Accounts & Finance, Business Development, Human Resources, IT & Legal teams operate from here along with a portion of Engineering who oversee our plant Operations & Maintenance teams remotely. The environment is fast-paced and energetic, with teams leading meetings and discussions with our different stakeholders, pushing to meet project deadlines and working cross-functionally to achieve goals.


Our Power Plants are what we refer to as our Sites, located in Jhimpir Sindh, with the closest location being Nooriabad. Our core Engineering team lives on Site and consists of Electrical, Mechanical & QHSE experts who monitor and oversee our plant Operations & Maintenance which are run by 3rd Party Contractors. Our Site Administration team looks after our staff needs while they are residing at the plant, with Site staff operating based on rotation. While the Sites are located in an isolated area, the environment is constant and peaceful.

Equal Employment Opportunity & Anti-Discrimination Statement

Metro Power Companies are committed to being fair employers and do not engage in discrimination in the light of race, color, religion, belief, gender identity, age, ethnicity, marital status, nationality, physical or mental health, or pregnancy. All hiring decisions are made in light of an applicant’s qualifications, experience, competence, merit, work performance, and organizational needs. The company strives to maintain an environment of equal opportunity for all individuals.

Those interested in applying should send their resumes to with their field or area of interest in the subject line.